The Embodied Creative: Voice & Body

As a poet I have always been interested in language’s energetic components, how we can get in the way of the energy of a poem and how when we step aside the poem can sometimes write itself. OK, so that’s rare. But it happens. So what is present in us and in language when grace happens?

In 2006 I began a course of study in somatics at Strozzi Institute that was a natural outgrowth of my many years of training in the martial art aikido and my many years of expressing myself through the language-medium of poetry. I’m fascinated with the relationship between how we live in our bodies and what we bring forward in our voices and our expression in the world. I wanted to understand in a more conscious way that remarkable relationship between body-knowing and intellectual knowing.

I will never forget the day I felt in my own body that my writing was originating from an entirely new physical location – from belly rather than head. This occurred after I had been intensely training in aikido, an art whose focus is centering in the face of conflict. Cultivating hara, that center of the physical body, on the mats meant that hara became available to me when sitting at my writing desk–remarkable!

Now as a certified Master Somatic Coach and Presence-Based Coach, I work with individuals to help them know the sound and feel of their own voices rising. To align with their deepest purpose. To authentically express themselves, in writing and in life. There certainly is a river of words going through our lives at all times. But how do we relate to language and embody it? How do we enter the river? Our voices define us, yet it is possible to break out of an old voice into a new, more unfamiliar one. Language vivifies all it touches, and others respond to the way we embody our words. I believe that we can align our deepest desire and knowing with our language and with our bodies. Through such alignment, we shape the river.

This blog post is a nod to the original name of my coaching business, “River of Words.” Although I still love the feel of this name, I wanted a name that speaks to a broader sense of embodiment — not just words, although words are glorious!, but also our whole sense of ourselves as creative beings. How to more deeply and widely embody our creative expression — in our work, our relationships, our writing. The Embodied Creative.

In this blog, I will write about specific issues that arise in somatic work and in writing. I welcome questions!

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  • jane hilberry

    I like the new name, Renee. I look forward to reading more blogs and learning more about this work. For me, writing definitely arises from the body, but I rarely hear people talk about it that way.

    • Renee Gregorio

      Hi Jane, thank you for your note & encouragement. Means so much! It always amazes me that no one seems to be talking about writing and the body in one sentence. Tell me more about how writing arises from the body for you, if you like. I would love to hear. Or, we need to talk! with love, R

  • Renee, I always love to know what you are doing. You seem to live on the cusp of your life, both poetically and somatically.
    I always remember how beautifully you and Kate resonated and how you were so important to her journey. I am so glad I am still on your list serve. I hope we will meet again!
    Love Always, Edi Powers

    • Renee Gregorio

      What a beautiful observation, Edi, and I hope a true one! I loved working with Kate–such a beauty of a human being. I hope I get to see you one of these days, too. all best & love, Renee

  • Renee –
    I love how you are integrating your training and education in Aikido, somatics, and coaching and your talents and knowledge as a poet/writer into The Embodied Creative! The powerful mix of these and the energy of them in combination are very appealing. Can’t wait to see what emerges from this new expression of who you are and what you have to offer!
    With admiration and best wishes,

  • This is a fine web-site/invitation into your expertise. I love to hear you writing about writing. Best with it all. Cynthia

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