Who I Love to Work With:
Is This You?

I love working with accomplished women & men who want to write or communicate authentically and powerfully, but who feel their expression or voice is stuck, stilted or compromised.

I’ve seen this so many times, in myself and in those I’ve worked with: you have such a strong desire to express something of your truth—in writing, to your intimates, in your work, in all your encounters—and yet something stops you.

Maybe when you are faced with an authority figure, you seize up. Or maybe when you are faced with leading others, self-doubt creeps in. Maybe when you sit down to write, you can’t find your way to your own voice. Instead there are so many other voices vying for your attention and winning it—critical voices, voices that tell you what you have to say is somehow less-than, voices that say you’re not enough, voices of doubt.

Or perhaps what you know about yourself is that you get stuff done, you are highly accomplished, you have proven yourself over and over again through your work in the world and yet, where is your own voice? Somehow you’ve left yourself out of the equation!

In all your encounters, you want to come from a deeper place in yourself — you want to lead the way with your own unique expression.



You have likely tried many ways to find your distinctive voice — you’ve taken workshops from writers & other creatives, you’ve sat at the desk for hours staring into space, you’ve told yourself over and over that there’s no reason to be afraid of your own voice.  Yet something continues to make you feel dissatisfied.

I’m convinced that none of these solutions have worked because you haven’t been using all of your intelligence. Which, of course, is not your fault. No one has encouraged you to develop your body-centered awareness as much as your intellect, have they? And certainly no one has said that by doing so you will be able to step into your own distinctive voice.

One of my great joys is to help people find more daring, more aliveness, more spirited expression and more alignment with their own truth through the work of the embodied creative. When we find our truest voice, we help make this a world where the wide range of voices that exist can finally be heard. And this world certainly needs that.

Who I Work With: Is This You?

  • You’re committed to lifelong learning
  • You’re a leader, a coach, a teacher, a facilitator, a practitioner who wants to
    step into your true voice and its powerful expression—in writing, in speech, in action
  • You have a curiosity about what it means to tap into the wisdom of your body
  • You’ve done a lot of work on yourself, yet you sense there is more
  • You don’t yet allow yourself to express yourself fully
  • You want to honor and value yourself more
  • You’re naturally curious, a seeker

What You Struggle With:

  • Knowing the sound and feel of your own voice & letting it rip
  • Setting aside time for you and your creative life
  • Being enough
  • Daring
  • Self-doubt
  • Getting distracted when you sit down to write
  • Feeling stuck—the words won’t flow
  • Sensing that the language that comes out of you isn’t “you”
  • Having good boundaries around creative time
  • Feeling isolated
  • Making your writing more impactful
  • Calling forth your authentic self
  • Speaking from your gut & heart

Coaching Can Help You:

  • Shift your state of being so you can focus
  • Find the structure that invites your best state of effortless expression
  • Have intention around your creative life
  • Begin to know your distinct language/expression
  • Deepen your felt sense of your authentic voice
  • Discover and deliver from your own commitment & structure for writing & life
  • Create momentum in your writing/expressive life
  • Embrace your own authority/authorship/authenticity
  • Embody “enoughness”
  • Find your own momentum & creative flow
  • Know what it means to let in support for your creative self
  • Know what a “good writing day” is for you
  • Create your identity as a writer
  • Discover the practices that support your creative life
  • Access the full energy of your being
  • Trust your own direct experience
  • Wake up your inner vibrancy
  • Feel/be purposeful