When you embody your creativity, you communicate what matters from the core of your being.
You speak, write and lead your life from a centered intelligence, a place of powerful authenticity.


You want your words to have impact.
You want to express what is true in original, deeply felt language.
To cultivate trust in your creative self.
To experience a felt sense of your creative belonging.

But somehow that just doesn’t happen!
Instead you’re distracted, indirect, doubtful.
Your confidence and momentum wane the more you veer away
from trusting your own direct experience, even wisdom.

And that something-that-wants-to-be-expressed keeps knocking . . .

Is it even possible to tap into your distinct expression?
To experience focus and depth, even creative flow,
so that words can tumble out of you?

Yes, you can hear your own voice rising.
You can develop your communication abilities,
your writing, your creative life.


Here’s a way to begin…